Press Release: Potenco wins POPULAR MECHANICS Breakthrough Award

On October 15th, POPULAR MECHANICS announced that Potenco was one of the winners of its fourth annual Breakthrough Awards at a ceremony in New York City. The Breakthrough Awards celebrate innovations poised to change the world, and the personalities behind them.


“This year’s roster of winners is especially diverse, from high-tech winners such as the 300-mpg Aptera vehicle of the future, to low-tech innovations like rugged wheelchairs for the developing world,” said James B. Meigs, editor-in-chief of POPULAR MECHANICS. “With the energy crisis escalating and the increased focus on climate change and the need for conservation, it is especially rewarding to showcase winners who are making breakthrough contributions in these fields. These winners are applying brilliant design and engineering to improve the lives of others.”

Potenco won a Breakthrough Product Award for the PCG1, a pull-cord power generator that creates electricity for portable gadgets with far greater efficiency than hand-cranked devices. Learn more about the PCG1 at Watch a video at Popular

Some of the other award winners include:

  • Aptera for their ultra-high mileage plug in hybrid cars
  • Amazon for their Kindle e-book reader featuring digital paper.
  • Dr. Mehmet Toner for his circulating tumor cell detector. Dr. Toner is a biomedical engineer at Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology
Further details on the Breakthrough awards can be found at: