Our Mission and Vision

Potenco envisions a world powered by Everyone. Our mission is to make clean power universally accessible and immediately useful.

As a first step in fulfilling our mission, Potenco developed the PCG, a new approach to human power generation expected to initially spread across the developing world.

Now, Potenco is working with select partners in developing and industrialized countries to bring additional solutions to market. Just imagine the possibilities as we pursue our mission…

  • Millions of children in developing countries engaged in a new form of learning
  • Two-billion people switching on a light for the first time
  • A world without disposable batteries
  • The expansion of cell phone accessibility in Africa, Asia, and Latin America
  • A 1% drop in green house gas emissions
  • A 1% bump in bottom-of-the-pyramid GDP
  • A healthier, greener, more productive world – powered by you.

Potenco is ‘Powering Endless Possibilities’